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The warranty period for DY manipulators takes 12 months from the date of transfer of the manipulator to the consumer. The manipulator warranty repair is carried out under warranty liability of the manufacturer.

The consumer has right to warranty service during the warranty period under keeping of the following mandatory requirement:

  1. Fulfill requirements of "User manual" and "Warranty and service book" as well as on application ofthe oils,engineering maintenance materials specified in the manual.
  2. Observe frequency of maintenance in the authorized centers, according to recommendations in the Warranty and service book, and the presence in the Warranty and service book of relevant marks.
  3. Use manipulators as intended and not make any constructional modifications without consent of the manufacturer.
  4. Timely register the bought equipment within 10 days after receipt of the crane.

To register the manipulator you need to send an on-line request.

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