About DY

DY Corporation - the largest company that gained recognition in the world market due to the excellent quality and innovative technical solutions. Previously, the company's products were supplied under the brand DongYang Mechatronics.

 Since the company was founded in 1978 DY company had expanded new production areas in different regions whereby creating the base for corporate growth and development. Moving beyond the company opened DY international offices and corporations in the United States, Mexico, Japan, Europe and many other countries, including the production bases in China and India, thereby it became a recognized leader in the industrial production.

A holding company DY group consists of the parent company DY, DY factory in Iksan and concerns Power DY and DY AUTO. The main advantage of DY company is constant pursuance of new achievements and innovations, and, as a consequence, production of high quality special vehicles.

The factory DY Iksan produces different special vehicles and equipment: concrete pumps, multifunctional bulk unloaders, automatic car washers and electric golf carts.

Concrete pump DY modification line is represented by small-sized models optimized for work in urban settings and by large-sized models with increased production capacity designed to be used use on large-scale job sites which meets customer demands under any conditions.

The DY Company produces various types of manipulators required for high-rise, subway and public works construction starting with 3 ton small-sized and 20-ton large-sized models.

New cranes DY are equipped with advanced technical capabilitiesfit for use in all types of landscape, have high production capacity and are a new business model providing customers with various forms of income.

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