The company TECHINCOM strives to make the acquisition process of DY equipment as convenient as possible for the client, offering to make a purchase on lease or on credit. Constant cooperation with reliable banks and leasing companies allows the company's clients to obtain the most favorable termsupon lending programs, leasing and insurance programs at the stage of acquisition of manipulators.

The company TECHINCOM is ready to offer its customers a flexible payment schedule, a small advance payment from the cost of the DY manipulators, minimum package of documentation and assistance in the preparation of this package. Acquisition of special vehicles using lending and leasing programs allows us to decide a point of modernization and expansion of production, and to implement the long-term large-scale projects.


MKB Leasing – a favourable way to purchase equipment.


Leasing from the manufacturerist he most favourable way to purchase KAMAZ motor vehicles.


"STONE-XXI" offers vehicles and equipment leasing with a purchase option.


The company "VEB-Leasing" was established in 2003. Since July 2008 it falls under VnesheconombankGroup.


JSC VTB Leasing is one of the largest companies, it is in the top-three of largest leasing companies in Russia.


Europlan is a car-financial company with 100% foreign funds.


CJSC "Sberbank Leasing" has conducted its business in the leasing service Russian market since 1993.


«Element Leasing» Ltd. is one of the leasing market leader in the small contract segment.

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